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Rick DeVrye

“Prior to starting DeVrye Renovations in 1990, I had worked for another renovation contractor that would only deliver mediocre work. Seeing the poor results and the frequent confrontations that arose from “good enough” work, I vowed to deliver both a better product and better service for my customers. In order to accomplish this, I have assembled a team of tradesmen that arrive at your home with a toolbox full of competency, skill, commitment, creativity, diligence, and dedication.

When they pack up at the end of a productive day, they take with them a sense of accomplishment and leave behind a happy homeowner and a job well done. I am both proud of and blessed by the great crew of guys that work for our company. All of our crew members have been with us for many years and each of them care a lot about how they can deliver a great experience for our customers. Here’s a little introduction to our team members.”

Duke DeVrye

“I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Bringing a project from the initial stages and right to final walk through inspection gives me a true sense of pride. I consider customer satisfaction as my most important priority. I love to see that certain look of appreciation on my customer’s face when the results have exceeded their expectations.

I love coaching my boys in hockey and playing hockey during the winter and slo-pitch in the summer. My family loves to go camping – I think nothing beats the outdoors.”

Aric DeVrye

Chris DeVrye

“When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and four kids. I also enjoy playing sports and playing the drums.What I enjoy most about my job is how excited the customer is to see the completed project and also being able to step back and look at what I have created. I am a certified carpenter and have been making people’s renovation dreams come true for over 10 years.

I use my past experiences to give customers the best quality home improvement that I can. I have a good eye for detail and I strive to provide high-quality workmanship on every single job that I have the pleasure of working on.”

Ryan Bardwell

Chris Hoover

“I love it when a customer comes home after our first day of work on their home renovation project, and they breathe a great sigh of relief! I think that it’s at that moment that they realized that they’ve made a good choice in choosing DeVrye, and are relieved that they are now able to relax and enjoy the exciting process.

I’ve heard that some contractors hide their levels and squares at the end of their workday, for fear that their lack of care would be discovered. I like to leave them out. Go ahead and check – you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised! The loves of my life are my wife and two young children. I also enjoy music, and have been known to serenade customers from their basements!”

Keanan Sundberg

Marlon Jacobson

“It’s a great feeling to know that when a customer returns home from their workday they are excited to see the progress that has occurred on their project. I find that it is important to keep the homeowner involved in their renovation; to include them in discussions of timelines and upcoming project development, and to ensure they feel confident that each request is met to their expectations.

I enjoy the personal satisfaction when seeing a project move from blue print to finish product. In my free time I can be found camping with my family at our trailer, coaching church baseball and snowmobiling up North.”

Matt Weber

Megan Meyer

“I’ve been working along with the DeVrye team since 2004 as the drywall finisher (aka “tapeworm”). Although this type of work is known for its dust and tedious attention to detail, I make every attempt to keep a clean work environment.

I have been working as a drywall taper for 16 years and take great pride in doing my very best work at whatever job lies ahead of me. I’m married with 3 daughters, and when I’m not at work, I’m doing what I enjoy most – spending time with my family.”

Christian DeVrye


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