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Design and Planning


We understand the importance of having you involved in the design process. After all, it’s your home and we want you to make it your own. Bring us your ideas. Gathering together a collection of pictures of designs that you particularly like will help us better understand and visualize your concept. We can then use our expertise to discuss how your ideas can best be incorporated into the renovation.

Chow Kitchen


From our discussions, we will create conceptual drawings and a quote which will give you detailed specifics about all of the work and materials necessary to complete your project. We may also present you with viable alternatives which you may wish to choose.


We understand that the designing and planning of a renovation is something that constantly evolves so we are open to your suggestions and are prepared to make changes and adjustments throughout the entire process.

McGlynn Kitchen

 Final Steps

Once you have approved the budget and plans, the final drawings and schedule for the project will be prepared.



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